Who is the worst Supreme Court judge of all time?

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Whereas the legal right NCAA theft is the ATL Epic Zoom Fail chip, SCOTUSBlog decided to enter the ATL region with the “Best Supreme Court Judge” category seized from the moment it was launched. They are currently playing The final four between Slave dealer Adalah’s effect on jurisprudence was significantly worse. It is, in a sense, the most telling statement of the Supreme Court ever.

A more favorable competition is unfolding in Five Four Pod, as they call for a vote on it Worst Supreme Court Judge of all time. As described by Jay Willis of The Appeal – who created this contest – …

The vast majority of this country’s 115 judges, however, were absolutely terrible people – a white lily constellation of unforgivable racists, sexist, gay, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, or a combination thereof. The history of the Supreme Court is the history of its judges cheerfully submerging their work with the forms of intolerance prevalent in their times, supporting institutions ranging from slavery to Jim Crow to forced sterilization to concentration camps, and writing dense opinions that washed away all kinds of bigotry. Obnoxious policy options using poorly understood and completely dry legal laws.

Already. The opening round matches were taken for you. The The whole arc is here And you You can vote here. The following are the Kurimatsu and Dred Scott regions.

Here are the Bush Vs Gore and Shelby Zones.

Do I promise this right? There are four judges in this field and SCOTUSBlog without meaning also put them in the best field? Sometimes people get nominated for Oscars and Razzi, I think.

The first round of voting will close at 11:59 PM on Friday, so get your vote.

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