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To say that employees are protected in New York workplaces and nationally is more than an informal remark.

In fact, the term has a quite general and specific meaning when applied to American employment.

In today’s blog post, we focus on the latter connotation.

Protected classifications in relation to job discrimination

We highlight our website “the Protected Classifications As defined by federal law. “

These categories were emphasized and given strength through the implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, specifically the provisions of Title Seven.

The rationale for the guarantees was and remains to protect workers from discrimination in the workplace. The protections enumerated, in place under the legislation and added over the years, include the following:

  • Race and national origin
  • sex
  • debt
  • inability
  • Omar
  • Sex
  • Pregnancy

Discrimination at work that relates to any of these point categories is taboo in the workplace. It should also be noted that many states – including New York – have supplemented Title VII guarantees with more local protections.

Bottom line: Employees across the country routinely invoke federal and state anti-discrimination laws in pursuit of legal remedies.

How can an employer protect against discrimination claims?

Being proactive is the recommended first step for any business that understandably strives to achieve this Avoid accusations of a hostile work environment characterized by discrimination and / or harassment. Company management can work with an experienced labor law advisor to create and otherwise promote the following:

  • Create a handbook that outlines clear workplace rules, policies, and expectations
  • Sharing in a timely manner with an employee bent on resolving issues outside of formal litigation
  • Create related training programs
  • Zero tolerance for any discriminatory behavior

A proven employment law legal team can provide more information.

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