What does the gap between personal and online test results tell us?

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Online tape exam results have more or less tracking expectations. There is always some ups and downs, but it’s hard to say that the online test resulted in clearly worse results than the regular licensing test. This shouldn’t really surprise anyone because the attorney test, by design, is Aiming for stable results And when the jurisdictions deal with the measurement using a disparate set of questions emanating from the NCBE, it is reasonable to assume that things will mostly be done according to the text.

But How about Texas?

The overall pass rate for the first online tape test in Texas was 60%, compared to about 77% in September, according to The release of statistics By the Texas Board of Legal Examiners. The pass rate for the first time in October was also lower: 71% compared to 82% in September. The overall pass rate for the July 2019 exam is nearly 69%.

This is a big drop, but it also doesn’t provide much information.

Are personal exams administered by NCBE better? This is definitely the takeaway that a barrister monopoly is willing to pay. But aside from the fact that these were different test questions that different people rated using different scales, the October test also boasted more frequent test takers amongst the online October staff, which generally reduces the traffic numbers.

The only possible insight I could discern was that Texas examiners taking the test on their own were less tolerant than other jurisdictions. Given that bar runner examiners seem to have no option other than the NCBE personal exams, it wouldn’t be shocking for examiners to apply a stricter measure to online scores when they feel they have administered the September test perfectly acceptable. This may not have happened, but as I said, it is the only one Maybe Insight here.

It’s an interesting exception among the preliminary results we’ve seen. As more and more states enter, we’ll get a better idea of ​​how to take this test. But for now, don’t read anything critically important in these results.

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