Top Biglaw Firm announced $ 1.73 billion in revenue for 2020

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The Coronavirus crisis has brought about unprecedented changes in the legal profession, with some companies imposing salary cuts and others choosing vacations and even layoffs. But at the end of the day, Biglaw’s biggest and most successful companies came out ahead, bringing record revenues, and the world’s financial difficulties were eliminated.

Which top-rated Am Law 100 company recently announced its seventh straight year of financial growth?

This will be Greenberg Traurig, the company currently ranked 14th, with a total revenue of $ 1,641,790,000 in 2019. According to Press releaseIn 2020, the company generated revenue of $ 1.73 billion, which is an increase of 5.48% compared to 2019.

Richard RosenbaumGreenberg Traurig, CEO of Greenberg, said this about the company’s financial success in 2020:

2020 was a year of unprecedented human challenges, but it was also a year of unprecedented strength for Greenberg Traurig: financially, it had record revenues and record profits, with an increase in profit per partner exceeding 6%; Culturally, it is closer than ever; And qualitatively, raising the level of our excellence and the consistency of our services throughout the world.

Congratulations to Greenberg Traurig for his progress through the pandemic. We wonder when other Biglaw companies will start flaunting their success in these trying times.

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