The Yale Law School Librarian weighs in at the best prices for 2020

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Ed. Noticeable: Welcome to our daily advantage Trivia question of the day!

According to Yale Law University Librarian Fred Shapiro, who has been tasked with compiling the Top 10 Quotes of the Year for The Associated Press since 2005, what’s the best bid of 2020?

Hint: Although the attorney’s words do not rank first, they do make up 5 out of 10 entries on the list. President-elect Joe Biden has received two signals, both from his time on the campaign trail. At number 4, “If You Have Trouble Knowing Whether You Are for Me or Trump, You’re Not Black,” and 9, “You’re a False Horse Soldier.”
Number 6 of the late and great Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “My most fervent wish is not to be replaced until a new president is installed.” We all know how to show.
Unfortunately, White House Press Secretary Kylie McNani (and Band Above the Law) recorded an attendance at 5, “Never Lie to You. You Have My Words on That,” and July 8 on the topic of school reopening, “Science shouldn’t stand in the way of this. ”

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