The public prosecutor is accused of sexual assault

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Bradford County, Pennsylvania, attorney general, Chad Selsman, has been charged with sexual assault, defilement, witness intimidation, and obstruction of justice. The charges stem from Salsman’s time in private practice, prior to his election to attorney general in 2019 and his involvement in coercive sex with five different women.

Pennsylvania State Attorney Josh Shapiro Announce the charges Earlier this week:

“Chad Selsman used to regularly use his position and authority as a lawyer to coerce his victims into engaging in sexual acts with him. AG Shapiro said he was bringing them to his private office, under the guise of discussing their case, and using his knowledge of his clients’ vulnerabilities to invalidate their consent and sexually assault them. ” They had no other choice, as he believed it would be easy to silence them, and unlikely to be believed if they progressed. As the Attorney General, I have a responsibility to advocate for people who need a voice in our Commonwealth. “

The announcement also indicated that the five women who came forward were only able to confirm details known to the victims. One thing in common was that the Salsman was preying on them when they felt more vulnerable:

Five women, independent of each other, experienced the same pattern of advancement, coercion, and abuse at the hands of Mr. Selsman when he was a defense attorney. AG Shapiro said, “They had to rely on Salsman to be their advocate, to represent them at a time when they felt powerless, and instead. They were attacked. “

The mentioned Details of Selsman’s alleged assaults paint a stark pattern:

According to Shapiro’s allegations, Salsman would terrorize the women, force them to engage in unwanted sexual acts on his desk and then direct them to the bathroom in his office to clean up.

Employees of the Salsman law firm have testified that it has a policy of having them play music, operate noise machines, or operate an air conditioner to drown out the sounds of client meetings. They also said that they had repeatedly seen clients leave his office in tears.

Salsman is represented by Samuel Stratton who said His client is “absolutely and totally innocent,” and has pledged to “fight this vigorously.”

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