The New York Times: Gaetz sought blanket amnesty that would cover neglect under the blankets

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“President Trump should pardon Michael Flynn, he should pardon Turkey Thanksgiving, he should pardon everyone from himself, to his administration officials, to Joe Exotic if he has to,” said Representative Matt Gates Fox said In November, he talks about the “bloodshed” by the “radical left” to eliminate anyone who supports the outgoing president.

It looks a little different in light of the stream of crazy stories last week about a federal investigation into the possible sex trafficking of a minor by a Florida congressman. And now The New York Times Gates is reported to have “privately requested a blanket preventive pardon from the White House on himself and unknown allies in Congress for any crimes they may have committed” during the final weeks of the Trump administration.

Later on, he might have wished he hadn’t chirp Any future scandal about him should be called “gatesgate”.

This morning the former president said in one of his fake tweets, “Congressman Matt Gates never asked me for a pardon.” “We must also remember that he completely denied the accusations against him.”

Although the Times says the Gates approached the “White House”, staff dismissed the idea as setting a “bad precedent” – not quite the same thing.

While the story states that it was “unclear whether Mr. Gates or the White House knew at the time” that Gates was the subject of the FBI investigation into potential sex trafficking of a minor, Gates’ ward Joel Greenberg was the first to I sent him in JuneSo it is a safe bet that the congressman felt the waters rise by December when these amnesty talks allegedly took place.

As for Greenberg, Politico Another wild piece on a former tax collector in Seminole’s County Proud owner To register the domain for OrlandoSugarDaddy-dot-com. Greenberg is currently staring at number 33 Indictment For Among other things Identity theft, electronic fraud, stalking, public official bribery, theft of government property, and sex trafficking of minors.

Politico reported that there are rumors that Greenberg is talking to Federalists about his ex-boyfriend. If so, he likely has a story to tell. And he is not the only one.

Three friends from Greenberg – including one who testified before a federal grand jury investigation in Greenberg – told Politico that they personally heard him flaunt his 2017 affair with a 17-year-old who they claim went to work in pornography.

She did not return multiple messages to Politico on her mobile phone and her social media accounts.

Greenberg’s friends say he met the woman while looking for an arrangement. Gates will not discuss the details of the case, but he will deny his presence on the site or having sexual relations with the victim or any minor.

As a minor, this woman was clearly not able to give consent, and her identity as a victim of a sexual crime must be protected. But if every reporter in Washington, DC and Florida already knows his name, the odds that this matter will remain a secret are basically zero.

It is something to consider in light of the suggestion by The Times that “some of Trump’s associates have speculated that Mr. Gates’s request for collective pardon was an attempt to camouflage his potential criminal exposure.” As if no one would notice his petty sexual crime problem if he walked his arm and arm with half the Republican party bloc.

Do you remember when President Clinton’s pardon for Mark Rich was the biggest scandal in history ever? Times have changed.

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Elizabeth Day She lives in Baltimore where she writes about law and politics.

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