The naming of a new elementary school after the judicial Twitter star

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Judge Don Willett has graced the pages of the law for years as a Prolific Twitter user Under the handle @ JusticeWillett. Unfortunately, once he left the Texas Supreme Court heading into the more proud surroundings of the Fifth Circuit, he did Curb his tweet And legal Twitter is its poorest.

But there is some good news for the judge: Forney County, Texas, where Willett graduated from high school in 1984, is building a new elementary school, and Named after the jurist.

This is an intensive elementary school! My elementary school was a single row of classrooms connected by a covered outdoor corridor. This thing is like a palace. Especially this random entryway where I’m sure Junior will just be catching here Kylie’s formula.

Congratulations to Judge Willett for this honor. Maybe if we’re all lucky, he can retweet this story.

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