The future of commercial leases

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The one contract your business simply cannot fault!

Rent payments, which are usually one of the company’s biggest expenditures, are particularly painful for business owners who are paying it on offices and retail spaces that have rarely been occupied since the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. While carrying the remainder of the commercial lease “as is” may be the only option currently, be prepared for the leases to look completely different in the future.

Join attorney Larry Donahue in an informative, virtual workshop that delves deeply into everything related to the lease.

  • The workshop is designed to teach business owners:
  • What are the important features of a lease agreement?
  • What is and what is not negotiable?
  • How to spot a “bad” realtor.

The importance of details in the lease agreement, such as “force majeure” clauses.

The workshop is free of charge. Participation Today where space is limited.

Date: 3/15/21
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (MDT)
Registration deadline: 3/15/21 12:00 PM (MDT)
Fees: No fees

Law 4 Small Business, Personal Computer (L4SB). A little bit of law now can save a lot later. a slingshot a company.

Christy Donahue

author: Christy Donahue

Christie is the Director of Marketing (CMO) for Slingshot, the parent company of Law 4 Small Business (L4SB). She holds an MBA with a Psychology undergraduate. Christie was previously senior vice president of Albuquerque Bank and now leads the marketing efforts of six legal brands of the Slingshot Group of Companies.

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