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Stacker is an online media entity that affirms, in its own words, the company’s overriding goal of “transforming expert analysis into comprehensible stories”.

This goal appears to have been hit hard in highlighting Stacker’s latest piece Small business vitality, enduring strength and steady growth Across the United States. The notable pilot data packages that were presented clearly and concisely show unequivocally that small businesses across the country remain – as always – the engine driving the US economy.

The US Small Business Administration defines “small business” in New York and all other states as a business with fewer than 500 workers.

How widespread are such companies and what is their collective impact on the national scale? Stacker’s researched answers to questions such as these leave no doubt about the essential important role that small businesses play in nearly every economic field.

Here are some takeaways from related data:

  • There is no misprint here – the Small Business Administration maintains that a staggering 99.9% of all U.S. companies are small business entities.
  • Small businesses employ about 60 million workers
  • Nearly a fifth of small businesses are family run enterprises
  • Women are now at the helm of nearly half of America’s small businesses
  • Minority-owned businesses are gradually upward
  • American entrepreneurship stimulates ongoing start-ups and business expansion

Business owners are constantly responding to challenges and embracing new opportunities. Many of them collaborate closely with Qualified and sympathetic legal attorneys To financially advance the company’s goals and advance its best interests.

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