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Hello, I am Contralorian, friendly professor of neighborhood law!

You see, I have controversial and contradictory opinions. This is because I think outside the box. I am impartial, as you can see from my Bascar movement. You might not like my opinion of whether Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris could, under the Constitution, serve as Vice President, but I will point out that you didn’t say a sneak peek about the same article written about Ted Cruz. Yes, how about that? Sorry I have to zoom out using my airplane package to take another hot shot!

I have a keen interest in the countless lives lost because we spent time ensuring “unnecessary diversity” in our drug tests. Lives were lost, and I read some articles about it (not articles in peer-reviewed magazines, only newspapers). My controversial opinion is just a small piece. It’s meant to spark discussion. Jeez.

I am also studying constitutional law this semester. It will be difficult because our republic (not a democracy!) Has been hijacked by serious electoral fraud. Obviously, all of these votes are not legitimate (only those who voted for Biden, not the other candidates). I refer to this because if you are a student looking at my Twitter feed, rest assured that I will test you on principles that you will never really find on my Twitter. But like the native bastard of democracy, I abandoned these principles with my historical enemies and moved on to bigger things.

I’m not a big fan of President Trump, and you can tell because I just tweeted that I’m not a huge fan of President Trump. It may sound like I’m standing up for it, but I really defend the integrity of the law by not letting unthinking Twitter gangs overwhelm our republic.

When a member of Congress tweeted that we are a republic and not a democratic right on the eve of the elections, I was there to defend it: He’s absolutely right! What, he can’t point to the obvious in a tweet just before the election?

Why are all of you liberals so hard on asking tough questions? I’m so quietly far and over the battlefield, I can’t help but notice your mob’s behavior.

Hey, sometimes I just make jokes. For example, if you are an anti-Trump conservative, you should be the first to stand against the wall and shoot you in the new totalitarian state. Ha-ha-ha-ha !! We see? This is funny, right? Lighten up, you sheep!

Being in conflict is so much fun. You can claim that people are irrational because they do not endorse your logical view. It’s like you’re playing the referee while you’re on the bias the whole time.

If you want to be contrast, you need practice. Here are my first hot shots:

  • I can’t help but notice that the people who were upset when members of Congress were celebrating ignoring the safety of COVID-19 were totally silent about Kirk Cameron’s COVID-19 behavior.
  • Some academics are upset with the pardon. At the end of every presidency, people are pardoned. This time it might not be the people you loved, but it might not be the people you loved last time. That is why it occurs at the end of the presidential term.
  • It’s funny how some people are upset about vetoing the defense bill. The liberals in particular. It’s funny how no one seemed to be bothered by the FDR veto of 635
  • There is a good reason not to contact her Dr. Biden. It is only for doctors. You don’t want to choke on a restaurant and ask someone to see a doctor and then … [OK, you read that blog post from me last time].

So, dear students, as I write these blog posts, tweets, and hot comments in the press, I want you to remember to prove yourself the law, the facts, and the politics behind the law. Do not go far. Don’t fight the assumption on the factsheet on my exam.

But there will be no carts for me. Start. Although there seems to be a pattern to contradict me. I ask the tough questions. It all only leads to one path. This is the way.

And the thing is: You were all me. LPB has been me. You are not constantly like me. You take controversial perspectives. You have difficult things. You have uncommon positions. But I do it all the time. This is what makes me special. And why did I get the aircraft package.


Contralorian, the professor of law and the superhero on my mind.

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