Sydney Powell stars in the server version of “Catch Me If You Can”

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If Sydney Powell is tired of losing lawsuits related to election fraud plots, you might want to consider a career in Mark chasing the world League. In a file indicating that Dominion will not object to Powell’s request for an extension in response to the defamation complaint, Reuters resident court observer said This language caught Brad Heath.

Powell is not obligated to make servicing the process easy, of course, but Dominion is right to point out that when she asks the court for facilities that withdraw the process that Carmen Sandego herself chose. A strange move since she suggested to the press that she had nothing to worry about This is an “arbitrary” lawsuit.:

“I have not received a notice or a copy of Smartmatic’s lawsuit,” Powell said in an email.

She said, “This is just another political maneuver and an abusive” legal war “by the radical left that has no basis in reality or law.”

It seems like she might have more fears than she just let it be.

How did Dominion catch up with Paul? Although we all have her home address thanks to these lawsuits, Powell was ultimately not found in Texas, but in North Carolina where private Dominion investigators found her. Good job, gumshoes! And now … Rocabella!

At that point, Dominion appeared Cops brought in:

Where will this global mystery woman appear next?

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