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A recurring challenge for New York employers across countless industries is the backlash from workers who claim that poor treatment is served on a selective basis.

accusation Discriminatory behavior or harassment in the workplace It could rock the company. It is imperative that you, as a business owner, take the matter seriously, “take an in-depth overview of the matter,” and treat your complaint with special care.

Complaints of discrimination take many forms in the workplace. An employee may claim a hostile work environment and a feared management response to participating in protected union and organizing activities. Workers cite their employer’s push to report company wrongdoing on various fronts (for example, so-called “whistleblowing” targeting fraud, waste, and abuse).

Usually the discrimination complaint confirms “Protected Classification” related offenses Enumerated under Title VII of the groundbreaking federal civil rights law. Careful regulatory and judicial scrutiny will be linked to any issue alleging differential treatment due to a cited category such as race, national origin, gender, pregnancy or sexual orientation. The same applies to the allegations that highlight discrimination against a worker on the basis of disability or age.

Employees who make such claims often stress unlawful employer retaliation that results in low-performance reporting, rejected / delayed promotions, transfers to lower-level positions, targeted dismissals, pay cuts and even job terminations.

Obviously, it is essential for an employer to anticipate and overcome discrimination lawsuits in a timely and proactive manner that avoids litigation when possible. An experienced law firm can help our valued and diverse business clients advance this goal in various ways.

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