Rudy Giuliani blames Game of Thrones for inciting violent rebellion by chance

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There is a colorful argument that Donald Trump’s speech before his followers launched a violent attack on the US Capitol Building did not exceed the legal threshold required to hold it criminally responsible for incitement to riot. Others and See this as a clear breach. over there A very clever argument That even if it does not cross this line superficially, it constitutes incitement because the law’s reliance on “substance” is out of date in the social media world. In any event, there is no credible argument that criminal responsibility is a prerequisite for accountability and conviction Unless you’re rude piercer.

But Rudy Giuliani’s words on that day exceeded the standard of agitation and fired the ball onto the court Brandenburg endzone by telling a riotous mob that it is time to “Trial by fightWith Democratic lawmakers and election officials.

Fortunately, Rudy has an answer for anyone who thought they were advocating violence when he openly called for violence: Blame it on “Game of Thrones.”. “

“I was referring to the kind of trial that took place for Tyrion in that very famous documentary about England in the fictional Middle Ages,” Giuliani told Samuels. When Tyrion, a very young man, is accused of murder. He did not commit a murder, could not defend himself, and hired a hero to defend him. “

George R.R. Martin has said that his work is inspired by the War of the Roses, but that it would be an exaggeration to call it a dramatic documentary about medieval England, no matter how many dragons Richard Plantagenet raised. Did Rudi not understand what was happening in Game of Thrones? I understand that no one understood what was happening in Season 8 Sex It was very clear. And if he had seen the show, who other than Joffrey does he think he works for now? Is Rudi Searcy on this analogy? Siblings are a little different from Tighten your cousin for yearsBut it’s on the playing field.

Although Rudi stumbled at some point: “Game of Thrones” embarrassingly reintroduced Americans to the concept of trial by fight. They ask for it As if it was not the historical and intellectual equivalent of using the ordeal by water to root out witchcraft. still Technically on books in New York, Prompting the lawyer who loves fantasy and science fiction to request it. The judge and lawyer refused He later ended up in prison for a kidnapping plot, A sign of how this fetish may spread to primal violence. Stop that, folks.

Not that this defense is doing all that much for the Ruddy case. “If you don’t think the legal system works for you, hire someone to violently hit people and kill them on your behalf,” Giuliani says, which sounds like … exactly what happened later that day. Almost as if there’s a direct line from Giuliani’s letter to a dead police officer on the Capitol.

Imagine how much better we would be if Rudy offended Sex and the City instead.

It’s like Samantha.

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