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The postmortem autopsy will be filled with hot posts. And I understand, after putting so much energy into trying to overcome the mess wrought by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, it is important that we understand the good and the bad of what happened on the left. Of course, Democrats will always learn the wrong lesson because they are Democrats, but we still have to try.

Although official results have not yet been announced, it appears Joe Biden will likely win the presidency. Yay! But, there is bad news for the liberals: They seem unlikely to take control of the Senate from the Republican Party … which rules on all hope for correcting (left?) Federal justice and holds us all locked up for at least two years of inactivity. (Yes, if recent rounds in Georgia stop for the Democrats, that’s moot, but, well, we’re playing the odds on this.) Given this turn of events, there’s a lot of pointing fingers – Polls are permanently disabled! Supporters of mobilization in court fear moderates! Joe Biden’s coats weren’t big enough!

And all of these things have some measure of truth to them. But I’m more interested in looking at the people who benefited the most from the very specific way the elections took place. That’s right, it was the Political Action Committee that Trump never turned. Lincoln ProjectThis really comes out on top.

First of all, remember that despite their (welcome) opposition to Donald Trump, they are still Republicans. PAC was established by Former Wachtell attorney George ConwayAdviser to John McCain, Steve Schmidt, Adviser to former Ohio Governor John Kasich John Weaver, former New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Jennifer Horne, and veteran Republican agent Rick Wilson. Not exactly the people interested in overthrowing the system.

They are all basically conservative. They did not want Elizabeth Warren to win the nomination, fearing a true left-wing agenda. And it was those subtle dreams of courting centrist Republicans that drove Joe Biden’s candidacy. So, point at their column.

And honestly, they must be very happy that the Senate (most likely) stays with the Republican Party. Sure, they put a Scathing advertisement Against Lindsay Graham, who eventually kept his seat, but that’s not a bad result for them. It’s not like they really wanted Jimmy Harrison in the Senate, they just wanted the shell of harmony in politics. So, even though Graham still had a job, with Trump taking off (Wood Knock) and with the memory of the critically acclaimed offensive ads, he was properly disciplined.

And that’s the pro-business majority in the Supreme Court Trump gave them on his way out the door (Fingers crossed)? Well, it totally suits them.

When the history books are written about the 2020 elections and the “battle for the soul of the nation”, just remember who really got out.

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