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Anyone who believes that New York business managers routinely focus narrowly on company growth and profit margins has never been involved in running a business.

Often there aren’t enough hours in the day that allow key decision makers to address and respond to all material business concerns proactively.

Today we’re highlighting a critically important area of ​​focus for corporate managers across a myriad of industries, namely, Interacting with various regulatory bodies.

In New York, companies routinely attract attention from a range of law enforcement and law enforcement agencies at all levels of government. These include municipal, state, and federal organizations that oversee matters ranging from alleged workplace discrimination, wage / hour issues and company contracts to workplace safety, whistleblowing and a myriad of other issues.

We highlight many of these regulatory arms on our site. Many New York employers must occasionally respond, for example, to the United States’ Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regarding matters of alleged workplace discrimination.

Inquiries and investigations from the New York State Department of Labor frequently request a company’s response to issues related to wages, hours / overtime, and overtime matters. The state’s human rights division investigates and prosecutes complaints of alleged discrimination in various contexts.

The organizational field that affects business is often laden with red tape, time constraints, and other complexities. Company managers who are tasked with responding to agency mandates can request assistance to a legal team certified in labor law.

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