Morrison and Foerster bonuses are over! And it’s great news for really big blasters

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Do you need to get away from the grisly details revealed from the coup attempt and think that Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo promises to be more of the same partisanship that marked the first installment of the franchise? Okay, so maybe some good old bonus news provides the perfect distraction.

Morrison & Foerster stepped in and announced their bonuses yesterday. Unsurprisingly, the company’s end-of-year bonuses match the prevailing market rate, and are subject to the company’s normal business hour requirements. They also offer special bonuses, which don’t require hours. These special bonuses are above-market – at least for first-year partners (early years will receive $ 10,000 in bonuses compared to $ 7,500) – and will match the market for other semester years. The following are the remuneration tables in the company:

Year-end bonuses:

Semester year Premium
Class of 2020 $ 15,000 (proportional)
Class of 2019 $ 15,000
Class of 2018 $ 25,000
Class of 2017 50,000 dollars
Class of 2016 $ 65,000
Class of 2015 80 thousand dollars
Chapter 2014 $ 90K
Class of 2013 (including previous years) $ 100,000

Special rewards:

Semester year Premium
2019 10,000 dollars
2018 10,000 dollars
2017 20,000 dollars
2016 27,500 dollars
2015 $ 32,500
2014 $ 37,000
2013+ 40 thousand dollars

The company also offers extra cash to expensive billers – those who have accumulated more than 2,500 hours – on the following schedule:

Hours of legal service Additional% of the academic year bonus
2500–2699 30%
2700-2899 40%
2900+ 55%

Rewards will be paid on February 12th. You can read a file The full note is on the next page.

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