Morning schedule: 10.08.20

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* McDonald’s pays $ 26 million to settle a wage theft lawsuit. That would go a long way on the dollar list … [Business Insider]

* Democratic senators met with Judge Amy Connie Barrett yesterday before the Supreme Court confirmation hearings next week. [Fox News]

* A new ethical opinion of ABA suggests that lawyers need to reveal the intimate friendships and relationships they have with an opposing attorney for their clients. But some of us try to be friends with everyone … [Bloomberg Law]

* Britney Spears’ lawyer allegedly likened Britney’s mental condition to a comatose patient, who says she is unable to testify. Maybe this attorney Seen a lot in South Park. [TMZ]

* An Ohio attorney has been arrested for calling another attorney “total idiot” and providing another apparently inappropriate response. They should have some stringent Buckeye state urbanization standards … [ABA Journal]

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493 points


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