Morning schedule: 04.08.21

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* Lawsuit alleges Florida police used excessive force after they mistook Star Trek memorabilia to be weapons. They should have set the separator to stun … [Hill]

* The Trump Organization has appointed a criminal defense attorney. [Wall Street Journal]

* A public defender is suing her boss for allegedly being asked to dress more modestly to avoid the sexual interest of male prisoners. [Daily Mail]

* Three Michigan lawyers have been charged with a debt collection scheme that was allegedly not owed at all. [Fox News]

* Check out this article on how state court judges use the original. [Juris Lab]

A man’s death after participating in a taco eating competition resulted in a lawsuit against a minor league baseball team. [Washington Post]

* The Biden administration is asking the judge to dismiss the climate change case on behalf of the children. Hope they can handle the heat … [Hill]

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