Morning schedule: 02.12.21

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* A Florida attorney who famously dressed up on beaches for warning of COVID-19 may face discipline for his appeal. I hope he doesn’t dress up as a “reaper” of the court … [ABC News]

* Meghan Markle won a lawsuit against a company that published parts of a private letter she wrote to her father. [Harper’s Bazaar]

* Check out this group of Harvard law graduates trying to eliminate harassment and discrimination in the legal profession. [New York Times]

* Bruce Springsteen hired a New Jersey legal eagle to defend himself in the DWI case. [New York Post]

* Since Above the Law hasn’t had a “Lawyerly Lairs” section in a while, I just wanted to make it clear that the attorney had just bought a multi-million dollar waterfront mansion in Jupiter, California. Check out the sweet fossils in the article. [Real Deal]

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493 points


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