More Biglaw and Boutique companies join the call to remove Trump from office

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In the wake of the attempted coup at the US Capitol, leaders of Crowell & Moring, the Washington, DC-based Am Law 100 firm, issued a statement calling for a “defense of constitutional democracy”, demanding that the 25th amendment be used to strip President Donald Trump of his title and duties. Crowell’s leadership had hoped that leaders of other law firms would join the call for the sacking of the president whose actions put our country at risk, and many did just that.

In a joint letter sent to Vice President Mike Pence, the leaders of 18 law firms as well as several individual signatories called for Trump to be removed. These are companies and lawyers Signed on To invite Crowell & Moring to action:

The letter was signed by Crowell leaders as well as the Am Law 200 DLA Piper by managing partner Frank Ryan. Foley Hough via managing partner Jeffrey Collins; Sullivan Worcester via managing partner Joel Carpenter; And Hanson Bridget, through managing partner Christina Lawson, as well as other leaders of the company.

The letter was also signed by the leaders and partners of Amin Talati Wasserman. Baker Thomas Oakley Green; Brinkx Gilson and Leonie; Coburn and Greenbaum; Varela Brown + Martel; Kendall Brill and Kelly. Louis Bach Kaufman Middlemis; Kenneth Reich, Lou McNerney and McAuliffe. Phillips Nazer Shaheen and Gordon. Vandevert Trade Act; Wilson Williams LLC; The WTAII PLLC.

The two singles signers include David Vicenzo of Nixon Peabody. Joseph Haydn Jr. of Bachman Stein and Abbey Hayden; And Dawn Elaine Bowie of Yates & Wheland.

Below it is Message That was sent to penny:

On January 6, 2021, we watched in horror as the US Congress was raid by the mob and the occupation of the Capitol, boycotting one of the most sacred traditions in our orderly transfer of constitutional power: ballot papers received and approved by states to the Electoral College. It was a scene framed by illegal entry by force, assault on law enforcement officers, and a meaningless death. It was the immediate and predictable result of a process called by the President, in which he reinforced false allegations about a fraudulent election that was rejected or completely disproved by every public and judicial review of our November 2020 presidential elections. His words after that.

Lawyers have no special boycott when it comes to politics. We have our views, like all citizens, and we should act on them. But when it comes to defending our constitution and our system of laws, we have a special duty and an exceptional perspective. At this moment, we must speak faithfully to these fundamental principles of our nation.

The President of the Republic has proven himself unfit for the position, and that he represents a reckless and arbitrary threat to the constitution that he pledged to preserve, protect and defend. We call on the vice president and government officials to invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, and to declare to congressional leaders that the president is incapable of performing the powers and duties of his office. We also call on all leaders of law firms and all lawyers in the government to join this call, and to defend the democratic institutions and traditions of our republic and the constitution that gives them life and protection.

Will the leaders of your law firm join the call for Trump’s removal from office?

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