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Posted on Monday January 11, 2021 9:20 AM by James Romoser

Before the Supreme Court a busy week. The judges return to the virtual platform for oral arguments, starting Monday at 10 am Fam against. Guzman Chavez, A case about whether some non-citizens facing deportation are eligible for bond hearings while asserting claims that they do not qualify for deportation to a particular country. Our case preview is Here. Before Guzman Chavez Hajjah, 9:30 am, the court is expected to issue additional orders from its special conference last week – after The review was granted in a whopping 14 cases Friday evening. This Thursday, the court is expected to issue one or more opinions in the contentious cases. The federal government plans to execute three people on death row this week, which means that the court will likely rule on last-minute appeals related to those executions.

Here’s a brief roundup of news and commentary about the Supreme Court from around the web:

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