Margaret Vestager shrinks Bezos

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If only we had a nickel for every big tech antitrust story this year.

Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission’s top antitrust official, brought new charges against Amazon yesterday for misconduct in France and Germany.

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The European Commission has two main complaints:

firstAfter an investigation that began in July of 2019, the committee decided that Amazon was unlawfully exploiting its dual role as a marketer and retailer:

  • Specifically, the report claims that Amazon collects non-public data on third-party sellers (such as purchase volume and revenue) to report what type of in-house products should be launched.
  • In doing so, the committee claims that Amazon is avoiding the usual risks we see in the retail industry and “marginalizing outside vendors and limiting their ability to grow.”

Second: The European Union has opened a formal investigation to determine whether Amazon is giving preferential treatment to sellers who pay for Amazon’s logistics and delivery network.

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