Lynn Wood was canceled by his peers at all

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It becomes like this because you cannot openly call for the assassination of the incumbent Vice President without people being offended. Abolition of culture, my prince?

Sadly, despite the plea of ​​sophomore years from disgruntled men on the internet, there’s nothing wrong with special actors implementing consequences based on your speech, and Lyn Wood found it out when Atlanta Bar Club Canceled his membership.

The Bar Club, a luxury home away from the office for Georgia attorneys, announced online that they had Against allowing Wood to continue to frequent their halls:

“Mr. Wood’s call for the immediate execution of the vice president is an attack not only on the vice president performing his duty stipulated in the constitution, but also an attack on the rule of law and the constitution itself,” the club wrote in its ruling, describing the execution request as behavior that “would lead to Discrediting the club. “

Well it is true. You can’t enjoy Manhattan when the guy is at the end of the bar Screams about how Chief Justice Roberts is running a sex trafficking ring. I think we all prefer post-action war stories devoid of hearing about when your case ended up filing a $ 1.3 billion lawsuit.

There are people who defend Lynn Wood’s comments and constantly tease Cathy Griffin about beheading Trump as if this was some kind of universal excuse to talk about killing government officials. Except that Griffin is known to be a comedian and was joking about something Trump specifically said, while Wood emphasized that he seriously believed Pence should be shot. Sure, Griffin isn’t actually funny, but that doesn’t change the context.

The Lawyers’ Club also rejected Wood’s social media posts accusing Chief Justice John Roberts of somehow being involved in the death of late Judge Antonin Scalia and belonging to a “gang” based on child sexual abuse. To support his allegations against Roberts, Wood provided the club with a video clip of an apparently “anonymous” amount QAnon Promoter Previously convicted of healthcare fraud for illegally recording massive amounts of opioids.

The point of slipping here is that Wood In fact he tried to defend himself here. I hypothesized that this was one of those situations where the club sent a letter to him and it went on with his life. But, no, he appears to have tried to hold back with the help of online healthcare scammers. Him that he View this video by Mercer University President Bill Underwood? Is this why Underwood is basically the last credible person on the planet who has not tried to distance himself from Wood?

The Atlanta Bar Club was founded in 1922 to discuss what to do with fellow unethical practitioners. Looking at this date, it’s hard to imagine Wood who couldn’t see this at the moment He faces penalties In order to cheat post-election.

Meanwhile, Wood is seeking to appeal the club’s decision. Good luck with all of that.

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