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Keeping your first game going requires constant improvement. You have to check and check your progress again, plus keep up with industry standards – that’s just the basic level of what you need to do. If you really want to go further, you need to follow industry innovators as much as standard practices. I’ve had the privilege of interacting with these pioneering individuals regularly on my podcast, Notes to myself (legal). From these conversations I would like to share some important advice with you.

At first, I spoke to the famous Frank Ramos. Frank holds all kinds of positions, and his experience is absolutely amazing. Although I imagine his resume is high-profile, it appears his focus is on another type of resume altogether – what he calls a “LinkedIn resume”.

When looking for people to hire, Frank’s priority is to find people who fit the template of the company’s vision, mission, and values. In order to do this, it combines the profiles of potential employees on LinkedIn to see their posts, share with other profiles, and their contributions to the community.

He believes that each of his employees should be endowed with integrity and leadership ability. How do you rate this? His choices depend on their additional professional activities and their public speaking preoccupation. It really stresses the importance for the legal staff to feel comfortable talking to others. However, he admits that you will never find someone who has everything that you are looking for. The trick is to find people and put them in a place where their strengths can be best utilized.

Deb Feder also sees the value of LinkedIn, but rather seek To gain insight into how potential employees work, Depp believes everyone should really share these insights to help other workers in the industry. Lawyers work hard, and finding any form of improved process or creative approach is highly valued.

LinkedIn is not only for educational purposes, but it also has relational results. COVID-19 forced us to communicate in ways that we never had before because everything had to happen online.

LinkedIn is the perfect place to find people you know work in the same industry, and it gives you a chance to look more at these people before contacting them. You can see examples of their work to make a more informed decision. COVID-19 illustrated the end of the world of “airbrush”, and Deb highlights, that at the end of the day, people are looking for real relationships with real people – they’re looking for authenticity.

This can all be a little confusing; That was definitely when it started. After meeting Vandana Dhamija, I felt I had the tools to deal with any kind of change. This made sense given she works in legal operations and deals with change management all the time. I have outlined four steps that detail where the legal team or legal processes can start when it comes to strategic planning.

Fortunately, these steps apply to personal branding as much as they do to strategic planning.

  1. Rate your condition. Get to know your team, tools, and tasks.
  2. Document it. Clearly plan your policies and procedures.
  3. Set your priorities. She recommends starting with your foundations. The Eisenhower Matrix is ​​a useful tool for setting priorities.
  4. This is where change management comes into play. Socialize what you are doing and break down the resistance by listening to the people who are resisting.

A LinkedIn attorney is connected, shrewd, and rarely affected by the unexpected. why? Because they have learned through participation and continuing education; They have connections to an existing network of real relationships; And when the responsibility falls squarely on their shoulders, they are well equipped to handle whatever comes their way.

Olga V Mac is CEO of Parley Bro, The next-generation contract management company that pioneered online negotiation technology. Olga embraces legal innovation and devoted her career to improving and shaping the future of law. She is convinced that the legal profession will appear stronger, more flexible and inclusive than before through the adoption of technology. Olga is also an award-winning general counsel, operations professional, startup consultant, public speaker, assistant professor, and entrepreneur. Founded Women work on boards She is the author of a movement that advocates for women’s participation on the boards of directors of the Fortune 500 companies Board the plane: Win your ticket to a corporate board seat And the Fundamentals of Smart Contract Security. You can follow Olga on Twitter @olgavmack.

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