Law School gets a bunch of student loan money … again

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Florida Coastal School of Law – Fourth Final Law School (from The worst ATL law school in America bracket) – Shows their TTTrue colors. Last week, the School of Law learned that the US Department of Education had terminated their access to federal financial aid for students. This is The second time it happened (The first was in 2019).

According to the Law School, snafu comes from a new Department of Energy policy requiring a signature from the school’s investor. Law School President and Dean, Peter Goeblerud, told ABA Journal that the Department of Education’s application to participate in Title IV program is being re-submitted and that loan funds have been received to separate current Florida Coastal students.

“We are working hard with the Ministry of Education to secure our re-participation in Title IV,” Joplerrod wrote in an email to the magazine.

But this is not the only problem they have encountered.

The School of Law is also directed to provide a teaching plan to the ABA Department of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar. ABA Rule 29 requires this step if the Department of Education initiates an emergency action against the law school. These plans will be reviewed in late April:

The Department Board Executive Committee expects to review the Florida Coastal teaching plan in late April, Bill Adams, managing director of ABA Accreditation and Legal Education, wrote at Statement of April 5.

Until the process is complete, Coastal Florida remains an ABA accredited school.

“The DOE action is a separate one that could ultimately have an impact on the accreditation process. The Board of Legal Education and Admissions Department of the Bar Association, recognized by the Department of Education as the national accrediting body for law schools, will continue to work with the department and Florida College. Coastal Law to Ensure a Fair Process and Fair Results Adams wrote in a separate statement emailed to the magazine.

It may be a signature requirement that law school opposes with the for-profit law school bid Turn into a non-profit organization, to me Dr. Riad Tijani, Author LawMart: Faculties of Justice, Access, and For-profit Law Schools. The Law School’s initial offer to become a nonprofit was rejected in November 2019, but Jopleerod still says the move is in the school’s best interest.

Tijani wrote in an article: “Since this conversion has stalled so far, my impression is that the school is in trouble 22 of needing to demonstrate the solvency of ownership but lacks an easily cohesive ‘owner’ to move forward without compromising the nonprofit transfer offer” Email To the magazine.

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