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Probate is expensive

How much does probate cost? 

This question we get daily. If we get 50 calls a day, I would say maybe 15 of those to 20 of those ask specifically, how much does probate cost?

You should be asking that because probate are expensive. Again, it depends on the jurisdiction because some states or jurisdictions have what’s called summary probate or probates that can be done very quickly if there’s not a lot of assets.

Thousands of Probate Dollars

I will tell you that what we see on a normal basis is probates costing between $3,200 and about $7500. And that is if everything goes absolutely perfectly. And by that, I mean very little creditors. No, but no creditors are fighting. 

The family members don’t fight over the assets. It’s just a very simple probate in which everything gets done by the statutory deadlines without any fuss from anybody.

Probate Attorney fees 

That is the cost of just a very normal probate about $3200 to about $7,500. If there’s going to be fights, if family members start fighting, then I can promise you you can double maybe triple that number because the attorney costs and having to draft motions appear in court.

Draft responses to other motions are going to get very expensive, very quickly.

The best thing to do have a plan ahead of time. Talk to your family. And hopefully there’s no fights so you can keep those probate costs down.

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