Holof shows partners how much they love ‘Im!

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Welcome to the special bonus party, HoLove! It might have taken a few weeks, but the company it is currently ranked Good at Leopard Law Firm Index, Which was matched with the prevailing market rate for the special bonuses.

Hogan Lovells today announced rewards for their partners in the United States. To be eligible for the rewards, employees need to pay 1,850 hours per year, which includes up to 150 free hours and up to 50 hours for diversity and inclusion initiatives. And if people miss the minimum spring payment, they will have a chance to replenish it by the fall.

According to the company’s educators, colleagues are very happy with the announcement, especially given that the billable requirements are smaller than the usual year-end threshold:

The employees are extremely pleased with the announcement, especially considering that the minimum reward has been reduced from the typical 2000 hour requirement for year-end bonuses, including expansion and free partnership activities that have been emphasized for partner management’s commitment to these activities.

Assuming people meet these requirements, special rewards will be awarded according to the following schedule:

You can read in the company The full note is on the next page.

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