Hollywood Black List and Gina Carano

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Disney fired Gina Carano.

The Internet has exploded. Cries of abolishing culture and Comparisons On the Hollywood blacklist she has appeared in abundance.

I have no say in expelling her. However, I do have a strong opinion about comparing her ban to a Hollywood blacklist. This is wrong, for many reasons. So please stop doing that.

Let’s explore this comparison with five key points:

  • Carano was fired and was not interrupted. The Hollywood Blacklist was a mass boycott. Anyone on that list is believed to be a member of the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) or a left-wing group intending to overthrow the government. The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), which was a precursor to McCarthyism, called witnesses to discover just how deep Hollywood, academia, and other industries have become with the Communists. Refusal to testify for any reason puts you on the blacklist. If someone names you, you have been blacklisted. Any hint of sympathy for CPUSA puts you on the blacklist.

What made it a boycott was that it was a coordinated work by all studios. They agreed not to employ the Communists. Studios released a Joint statement: “We will not intentionally hire any Communist or member of any party or group calling for the overthrow of the United States government by force or in any illegal or unconstitutional manner.” History shows that the label “communist” included people who were advocating for things like wage increases.

  • Carano was fired by his employer, and she was not shunned. Not a day ago she announced her movie contract. She received public support on social media, from critics and politicians. This differs from people dreading lunch with you for fear of being blacklisted as well.
  • Disney fired Carano for tweeting some controversial and bizarre things, not for being “conservative”. Apparently, the final straw for Disney’s camel’s back was the comparison between current political tensions and Nazi Germany. Although I believe one does not compare Nazi Germany to anything but (check notes) Nazi Germany, others are very keen to do so. Regardless, Disney was furious, and Disney’s first fury wasn’t about Carano. Meanwhile, an individual could end up blacklisted even if he does Nothing at all.
  • When Carano was fired, members of Congress supported her. Blacklisted members were withdrawn before congressional committees, often without a lawyer, as they were forced to cooperate, confirm the First Amendment, or confirm the Fifth Amendment. The comparison between Carano and the blacklist failed to acknowledge the interaction between the Hollywood District and the activities of the federal government. Affirming your rights before HUAC puts you on the Hollywood blacklist.
  • Carano was fired, not under FBI surveillance. The interaction between the blacklist and the government did not end at the hearings. Some blacklist members were under constant surveillance.

In other words, this wasn’t a one-off shooting of a series of bad Twitter attacks. It was a systematic program to silence leftists. These good conservatives now happen to them out loud in their books, on television, on social media, and in the House and Senate.

Being on a Hollywood blacklist means “never working in Hollywood again.” There is no movie showing the next day. Ruined jobs. exile. Even defending the so-called communists put the lawyers in harm’s way. Read this shocking account Daughter of a lawyer. Her father died of suicide.

In short, Hollywood County has been an extension of the US government’s hunt for people who disagree with it. The Supreme Court at the time was very happy to support the case. SCOTUS rejected First Amendment objections to HUAC in such cases Barnblatt vs. weAnd the Watkins v. The United States, And the Wilkinson v. United States The Fifth Amendment to affirm the right not to incriminate oneself may save the forced witness from the pain of imprisonment, but it does guarantee that the person is blacklisted in Hollywood.

But blacklists were not only used to stifle political discourse. The “red scare” has also been used as a means to denounce all kinds of labor activism, not only in Hollywood, but everywhere. The effects of the witch hunt extended far beyond Hollywood. Academics were also being targeted. Many have hid in quiet universities where they may not attract much attention. If one wants to look at the purpose of possession – which is currently being killed in Kansas and other states by conservative movements – it is to protect the expression of ideas and knowledge.

Hiring has always been a conservative ideology, so I’m a little surprised to see support for it waning (but only for the privileged actors). Most employees experience their employer’s anger if they tweet the wrong thing. Law firms usually search social media for potential employees. In fact, most of the country lives in fear of being expelled for saying the wrong thing. Looking at this economy, it has dire consequences. Many of those who shout about “de-culture” are critical of workplace protection.

She was fired due to a series of uncolored tweets. She was fired and was not boycotted. She was fired, and unlike most shootings of similar things, this would lead to a backlash against Disney. Being conservative is not as dangerous as being called a communist. If you don’t believe me, go to a series of bars and test them out by shouting “I am conservative” or “I am a communist”. No, really, don’t do that. The latter might get you killed in some parts.

Professor Blaug He is an anonymous professor in the top 100 law schools. You can see more of his reflections Here. It claims to be the funnest on social media. Please follow him on Twitter (Embed a Tweet). Email it on lawprofblawg@gmail.com.

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