Harvard Law School graduates and Yale take a stand against the election

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Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo) (Photo by Samuel Corum / Getty Images)

The year 2021 officially came and the passage of the year wasn’t actually a magic spell that got rid of all the nonsense that was the hallmark of its predecessor. This means that there is still a lot of garbage to deal with, and at the top of that list is the existential threat to democracy that Republicans commit. Although the previous sentence is quite accurate, it could also refer to an annoying number of recent events, so I’ll be more specific.

I’m talking about the scheme, drawn up by Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri and joined by Ted Cruz from Texas with Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, James Lancford from Oklahoma, Steve Dines from Montana, John Kennedy from Louisiana, Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee, Mike Brown from Indiana, and Cynthia Loomis from Wyoming. , Roger Marshall from Kansas, Bill Hagerty from Tennessee, and Tommy Toberville from Alabama to oppose the certification of election results. Of course, there’s nothing to panic about – the efforts are designed to win the headlines and avoid the primary challenge, and they won’t prevent Joe Biden from taking the oath on January 20. But it’s not a good look – not if you care about American democracy, at least.

The thing that makes Hawley and Cruz lead / join the effort is that they * must * know better. Both are attorneys who have gone to excellent law schools (Yale and Harvard, respectively), and the alumni and subsidiaries of YLS and HLS will not stand idly by and fall behind in good names for their schools.

That’s right – there are two petitioners running the rounds, disavowing the actions of these famous alumni.

From Yale petition:

However, Senator Hawley announced his intention to object to the counting of the votes of some states that President-elect Biden had won. This objection would be useless as it would be corrosive. Moreover, the troubling thing about his objection is that Senator Hawley apparently knows better. Despite his populist public character and his frequent disdain for so-called “coastal elites,” his biography makes clear that he is himself a product of Stanford University, Yale Law School, the Supreme Court of the United States, and the prestigious Washington DC corporate law. Hogan & Hartson Corporation – Any background indicating that he knows both reality and law and that what drives him does not depend on either of them.

And the Harvard Petition:

We, the undersigned in the Harvard Law School community, unequivocally condemn the attempt of fellow alumnus Ted Cruz 95 and any of his supporters to undermine democracy and our constitution by improperly contesting the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice-President of the United States.

Now, having a JD – even from a higher law school – does not guarantee that bad decisions will not be made. But Hawley and Cruz are doing more than just making an unexpected call, they actively undermine free and fair elections to get cheap political points from the seriously outgoing president – do better.

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