From the Fake Cows Prosecution to the Medal of Honor: The Devin Nunes Story

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The nation’s highest civilian honor is the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Several notable winners: Bill Cosby, Rush Limbaugh, Henry Kissinger. Soon we will be able to add to the list a lawmaker whose primary achievement is spending as much time as the subject of ethics investigations as he does litigating fake cows.

Devin Nunes is set to get the reward – Accepted by the man whose students say he spent his teaching career covering up sexual assault – The year 2021 has already made a milestone year in the history of this esteemed award.

According to the White House, Nunes won this award because …

Congressman Nunes pursued Russia’s trick at a great personal risk and never stopped defending the truth. He had the nerve to confront the media, the FBI, the intelligence, the Democratic Party, foreign spies, and the full power of the Deep State. Devin paid the price for his bravery. The media smeared him, and liberal activists launched a frivolous and unjustified morality investigation, dragging his name into the mud for eight long months.

That’s not fair, it was called clay long before the last eight months.

However, his relentless insistence that there is nothing to “hoax Russia” – please ignore the conclusions of the actual Mueller report – is enough to win the admiration of the White House and, by extension, the Medal of Freedom.

But he paid a heavy price for his actions: He mocked him on Twitter. This horrific act has been perpetrated by some satirical narratives, particularly those that claim to be his a cow. at least Twitter came out Of his lawsuit $ 250 million Based on the pain he felt for portraying him as a cartoon at the end of Putin’s human centipede tail, but the people who made that completely non-defamatory satirical meme about a public figure are still mired in the lawsuit because we’re living in such a stupid schedule. He has other lawsuits against all kinds of critics, and is usually shopping in forums to the judicial authorities With little protection against SLAAPBut his cow lawsuit will always be the one that stands out. It was a testament to “freedom,” assuming you forget the importance of freedom of expression. Don’t worry, forget about what the First Amendment is All this rage these days.

Titans of American history and culture received this award. And now a man is suing fake cows. Unfortunately, this may say more about culture decline than it does award decline.

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