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Posted on Friday, November 20, 2020 at 9:21 am by James Romoser

After a series of orders late Thursday night Paved the way for the federal government To carry out the latest execution of a person sentenced to death, the Supreme Court meets Friday morning for its weekly conference to consider pending petitions seeking a review of the court. Among the petitions to be discussed are two Returned from last week’s conference: One that includes The Fourth Amendment “Community Welfare” exception, And the other includes Power of Native American police officers to arrest and investigate non-tribal members. Also on the agenda An issue regarding legality of programs in Medicaid that imposes business requirements On recipients as a condition to maintain health coverage. For a list of all the important petitions we are monitoring, see Petitions page.

Here’s a brief roundup of other news and commentary on the Supreme Court from around the web:

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