Election Protection Avenger shakes the vote for 2020 Attorney General

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The competition for the Best Lawyer of the Year award 2020 was nowhere near, not even a small one. The top two candidates – Mark Elias and Stacy Abrams – garnered votes in the hundreds, but the new title holder received nearly 100 more votes than the runner-up.

Before we announce which prevailed, let’s review the former attorney general in law:

In a year when some of the nation’s hottest news circulated about the presidential election, it only makes sense that our two biggest contenders have played an incredibly large role in how it played. But who got the votes to come out on top?

That would be Mark Elias Partner of Perkins Coy Who is driving Democracy schedule And we continue to work tirelessly to protect the voting rights of all Americans as well as the legitimacy of the results of the 2020 elections. Elias won 39 percent of the vote in our annual competition, and while the elections were over in November, he cannot and will not stop – the fight for democracy. Four days into the new year, Biden’s inauguration is fast approaching, so of course there’s a new election scandal. Desperation is here to shut down one of the stiffest allegations made by an ally of the outgoing president:

Congratulations to the finalists for Best Advocate of the Year, and a very special congratulations to Attorney of the Year 2020, Mark Elias. Thanks to his enthusiastic representation, America will leave the Trump years with its democracy intact. Well done!

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