Delta’s Journey to MLB Without Encountering any die-hard Trump supporters: Travel Paradise?

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No one has ever encountered a white man in a red MAGA hat and gone away thinking, What a charming man!

In this case, and for purely selfish reasons, I kind of hope that Donald Trump’s remaining supporters will accept him. His latest angry outburst Seriously go ahead and boycott Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball and think Coca-Cola. I have no particular problem with any of these companies. On the contrary, I knew it Delta FlyI’m definitely in a Major League Baseball game once in a while, and I’m biased toward Cherry Coke.

But can you imagine taking a flight, knowing in advance that some screaming red-faced baby boomers won’t stop the boarding line until he can argue with the flight attendant about the airline’s mask policy? Or sitting in the cool breeze on a beautiful spring day, watching American entertainment, and maybe drinking a cola, without any opportunity at all, as part of the audience started chanting “The United States of America!” Without a specific reason? They look great.

If you need more basic information here, know that for many Christian denominations, Easter is the most important holiday of the year. So, given his popularity among white evangelicals, there may be some perverse logic behind Donald Trump’s choice of Easter to issue a hate-filled charade tweet promoting his electoral lies and destroying Delta Air Lines, Major League Baseball and Coca-Cola.

Trump asked his supporters to boycott a host of other companies as well, But I won’t list them all. Who can track? The number of companies that Trump asked his supporters to boycott exceeded in the dozen at this point, although his previous requests to boycott appear to have done nothing (I am pretty sure that most of Trump’s supporters would not be mentally prepared. Reaching on every single shopping trip a list of dozen) The huge and complex entities of companies and what role each of them can have in the production of any given product). The irony of complaining about “WOKE CANCEL CULTURE” in a statement calling for a boycott has definitely been lost on Trump as well.

Trump’s problem with these organizations is that They joined a group of more than 100 companies to publicly denounce Georgia’s hideous new voter suppression lawWhich was met with frowning Republican state lawmakers about the recent gains the Democrats have made in Georgia. Among other things, The law reduces the time voters are required to request an absentee ballotReduces or eliminates easy ways for voters to present ballots, such as drop boxes and mobile voting centers, and expands early voting in more rural communities but not in urban communities (Gee, I wonder who is targeting?), And makes this a crime to provide food or water to people who are They are waiting in line to vote. Noticeable sinister Mitch McConnell also threatened companies with “serious consequences” for speaking out against the voter suppression, Although it was unclear how he intended to implement the threat from his new position as minority leader in the Senate.

Just to recap, Trump told his supporters that they were the good guys at boycotting companies because the companies said it was too bad to make giving someone a bottle of water while standing in line to vote in the scorching Georgia sun a bad thing. Anyone who truly thinks this would be an absolute nightmare on a trip.

You know, I’ve somehow managed to hang onto a bunch of friends who are supportive of Trump (they shouldn’t read my column). But if you’re throwing the dice at a stranger in a public place you will have to endure being around for several hours, well, I like my odds a lot better in the midst of a serious boycott from a truly committed Trump fanatic. So go for it, trumpets, make us liberals have real good when things open up again: Don’t go to one baseball game this whole summer! In fact, people say the ice cream parlors, the zoos, and the pub that I love with the veranda outside, have all woken up, too. It’s best to avoid them, just in case.

Jonathan Wolf is a civil litigant and author of the book Your debt-free dinar (Referral link). He taught legal writing, wrote for a variety of publications, and made his business a pleasure to be a financial and scientific literate. It is possible that any opinions he expresses would be pure gold, but nonetheless his own and should not be attributed to any organization to which he belongs. He doesn’t want to share the balance anyway. It can be reached at

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