Biglaw’s partner makes up for being a jerk by having Texas employees reach for a plumber

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The last time we recorded it with Kirkland & Ellis’s Andy Calder, A partner and a member of the company’s global management committee, the early pandemic (May 2020) and He sent a scathing email to colleagues in the company’s Houston office. The e-mail reproached people that they need to continue to set aside paid hours, that the company is “not a train of sauces where you can relax and enjoy the ride” and that “math will not work well for you at the end of the year.” We have (rightly, in my opinion) scolded Calder for his blatant lack of empathy as most people have done, and they are simply doing their best to beat this disruptive global epidemic.

In the wake of the Texas winter weather disaster, Calder appears to be showing a nice side. Freezing temperatures and snow across Texas last week resulted in blackouts and heat loss, which in turn led to pipes freezing and bursting. That puts a premium on plumbing services, and Kirkland is progressing to make sure employees have access to a plumber in their time of need. As one mentor in the company noted, “For all those who wanted to dodge Calder on a train gravy email … that’s what it is.” [sic] Oh really. “

so what I did The email, sent to all employees in the Houston office, says:

We estimate that many people in Houston have burst pipes and can’t find a plumber for love or money. That doesn’t work, so we were able to purchase a plumber to prioritize Kirkland’s employees at a slightly reduced rate for the coming days. Basically we put it on power of attorney.

Employees are required to contact the partner, who is not Calder (or his assistants) who facilitated the delivery process, and they will be placed at the top of the plumbers’ list. “It must be the same day or worse condition next day service. You will be billed for a reduced amount, then we will charge the rest. ”Which is a cool feature, any way you go.

However, people are also advised not to participate in the show outside the “Kirkland Family” due to the “unavailability of colleagues”. (Kirkland-Itis also advises scheduling plumbing appointments through company contacts, as it is unclear how this will work.) I mean, sure, your grandmother might have been in dire need of water, but she won’t bill the company, is she?

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