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Biglaw companies across the country continue to offer partners special bonuses and advice as a way to thank them for their dedication during the pandemic – and to keep them in the middle of an incredibly hot side market. Other companies go a step further and put in place salary increases, raising those in major markets to Biglaw’s standard salary scale (if not already), and some in smaller markets by tens of thousands of dollars.

After DLA Piper decided earlier this spring to An increase in the basic salary of associates In some offices, a handful of others followed in the company’s footsteps, and now another has fallen in the same line.

According to emails sent by management earlier this week at Ice Miller, the Am Law 200 company, effective July 1, 2021, all full-time partners and a partner track advisor will receive at least a $ 20,000 increase. With this increase comes an expectation of 1,850 billable hours, and adjustments will also be made to the company’s bonus plan in relation to these salary increases.

This is what starting salaries will look like from now on in the company’s main offices (New York and DC), the middle market (Philadelphia and Chicago), and smaller market offices (Indianapolis and Columbus):

With regard to bonuses, sources say, the company announced that its cap will be set because “we want people to have a little balance in their lives and we don’t want to encourage more than 2,200 hours.” Here’s what the rewards will look like at every Ice Miller office in 2021:

Congratulations to everyone in the company who just got a big boost, and congratulations to everyone who gets even bigger bonuses. Colleagues are very happy, and that’s something we absolutely love seeing.

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