Biglaw Firm celebrates inclusivity with New Partner Category 75 percent diversity

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Year after year, we see law firm after law firm revel in their commitment to diversity in the legal profession, with promises to recruit more ethnically and ethnically diverse lawyers and / or LGBTQ + women, as well as people with disabilities. Despite these persistent assurances, many Biglaw companies are lagging behind when it comes to this important metric for creating a more inclusive workplace, while others continue to perform beyond expectations, stepping out of the park for diversity time and time again.

In our New Partner Watch feature, we write about new partnership categories in selected companies. We tend to write about interesting ads for one reason or another. In this current course, we’ll focus on the diversity (or lack thereof) among Biglaw’s new partners. If you think you have a class worth checking out, please Email us (Subject line: “Viewing the new partner”).

Today’s topic: 14 new Orrick partners, announced by the company on Friday. From their press release (he assured us):

Orrick is pleased to announce that 14 attorneys have been promoted to the firm’s partnership, effective January 1, 2021. …

The chapter reflects Orrick’s long-standing commitment to inclusion. Seventy five percent Among the US class members are diverse and / or women, surpassing the Mansfield Reuel criterion. Continuing the trend of the past four years, we’re delighted Promote a class member while a caregiver is on leave.

“It took an exceptional amount of boldness, adaptability and personality to complete a partner nomination over the past year – and we believe these traits are key to the excellence law firm of the future,” said Mitch Zuckley, Chairman and CEO of Aurec. “We have no doubt that we will be a stronger company because of this exceptional category.”

Congratulations to these 14 new partners on snatching Biglaw’s absolute copper ring, and congratulations to Urik on the incredible diversity of his class. New partners vary according to many measures – by area of ​​practice, geography, racial or ethnic background, and gender. Furthermore, Orrick continues to demonstrate that it is possible for attorneys to practice law and achieve the highest levels of success while balancing their family life by promoting someone who has been on leave to a caregiver.

Freshly announces New diversity pipeline program, Orrick went above and beyond for diversity in the new partner category. If you are at home and care about the diversity of your attorney, you should know that Orrick is.

Could any other Biglaw company rival Orrick’s true commitment to diversity?

Orrick lives up to 14 partner [Orrick]

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