Biglaw beats market bonuses for high-billers, with special bonuses and “Superstar” bonuses at the top.

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Looking back at the year it was, employees at some companies will easily realize that 2020 has been one hell of the year. From salary cuts to vacations to layoffs, they really saw it all, and when it was time for a bonus, they probably had reason to worry about whether their company would fit the current market rate, and whether their year-end share would include special bonuses on top.

In Katten Muchin – The Am Law 100 Company That Implemented Their COVID-19 Austerity Measures The Whole Series, With Salary cuts expire Just last month – Fellows were positively “happy” about their bonuses, which were announced right before Christmas.

why is that?

Not only has the company matched the market and offered special bonuses, but more money is being offered to companies associated with higher billing hours. Top billers start making more cash in just 2,100 hours. Depending on the school year, those who billed 2,100 hours or more would get up to $ 6,000 more from the market, while those who paid 2,500 hours or more would get up to $ 30,000 more from the market. Activate discretionary “Superstar” bonuses In addition to All the generous rewards for the company.

Check out the company reward scale for 2020, below:

Congratulations to everyone at Cotton for ending the year vigorously.

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