Biglaw announces a phased transition to work that’s sure to please colleagues

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Spring has officially spread across the country, and plans to reopen secure offices at Biglaw Enterprises are slowly but surely springing up and beginning to come to life. Today, we have news from Am Law whose plan to return to work will facilitate the return of attorneys and employees to work during various transitions leading to a full comeback after Labor Day.

According to our sources, Lowenstein Sandler – the company with total revenue of $ 350.1 million in 2020 – has announced a reopening plan that will help all employees learn about office life before a full comeback in September. The company launched a minor reopening on July 22, 2020, and has provided free lunches to anyone working from any of its offices since then, and will continue to do so this summer. These are the three return stages that will take place in Lowenstein, as detailed in an email sent on April 30th (available on the following page):

  • From now until July 4We welcome you to try the office, to get to know the business again in person and test some of our new technologies. In June, we’ll have some scheduled open house days to see your mates, and of course, catering and prizes. Our offices (other than Palo Alto) remain open and you can continue to work from the office as much as you prefer.
  • July and August It will be a period of transition. Starting July 6, you are welcome and encouraged to return to the office on a voluntary basis one or two days each week, or more if you prefer. Many of our practice groups and BSG [Business Service Group] Teams will set regular days when the people on those teams are comfortable doing this in the office and can collaborate in person. You don’t have to feel obligated to work from the office during this transition period, but we think it pays to give everyone the opportunity to return in a coordinated manner before September. Lunch will continue to be “in the company” during the summer
  • After Labor Day And through the end of the year, we generally expect you to work regularly in one of our offices most of the time – which usually means around 3 or more days per week, unless you get approval from your practice group leader or senior BSG manager for some other schedule. This expectation may be modified based on the requirements of the client, practice group, or BSG team or if you have job responsibilities or career development opportunities that require you to be in the office often. As we get closer to September, we’ll be providing more instructions on how to do this.

Note that employees are expected to be in the office “most of the time” (ie three or more days each week), which means that some flexibility in working from home is on the table. Weinstein “was very encouraged by us[ing]“To vaccinate employees, but will not require vaccination for anyone to return to the office (although this policy may change). The company will limit the number of people in its offices to no more than 50 percent of capacity, until the CDC revises its guidelines. For indoor gatherings.All employees who come to the office must complete an online health questionnaire every day, and safety protocols such as social distancing and wearing masks must be adhered to at all times.

Congratulations to Lowenstein Sandler on creating what feels like a safe, well-planned reopening plan for all employees. We think this might be one that other companies may want to design due to its flexibility.

What has your company announced regarding the reopening plan? The more information available, the more likely it is that companies will be able to set the market standard for a return to business.

Once you know the reopening of plans in your company, please email us (subject line: “[Firm Name] Reopen the office ‘) or text us at (646) 820-8477. We always keep our sources in the stories confidential. There is no need to send a note (if any) using your company email account; your personal email account is what If a note circulated, please make sure to include it as evidence; we’d like to post the full notes as a service to our readers. You can take a picture of the note and attach it as a picture if you are concerned about the metadata in a PDF or Word file. Thanks.

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