Bar examiners: “That would be fine!” Examiners also: “We need to hire a PR company for group shooting.”

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Technical issues with upcoming online tape tests continue to grow. For the past several days, we’ve had Entire classes of computers are blocked, a A discriminatory breakdown in facial recognitionAnd the bar exam … Refusing to answer the phones. In the latter case, it’s not that they don’t want to answer phones, rather the volume of calls from applicants with technical difficulties now two weeks before this test has shut them down – which is actually worse.

Faced with these challenges, California examiners did what any institution would do. They spent a lot of money hiring a crisis management company.

The Los Angeles Daily Reports That California hired PR firm Abernathy MacGregor for approximately $ 48,000. As resources continue to be used it will likely not result in a bug-free tape test, but it will address the issue of the instant bar tester trying to put delicious lipstick on this pig.

To the unfamiliar, Abernathy isn’t just a PR company, it prides itself on representing clients in the midst of full-on PR disasters. Here are some cases Trumpet is on their website:

A major oil spill

Situation: Three agents were heavily involved in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, one with the same spill, and all three with crisis control and community remediation efforts.

* An explosion of benefit

Situation: A massive multi-fatal explosion at a power facility resulted in months of daily media strikes Multiple regulatory investigations; And bringing civil and criminal charges.

* #I also

Situation: In the wake of a news article that unveiled numerous allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault by company executives, AMG was hired by independent investigators tasked with looking into the allegations to help manage communications about the very public process.

Heavy gunfire

Situation: The movie house was a tragic shooting site while a popular movie was being shown. Several people were killed and many others injured.

So as California Bar investigators made it clear in one breath that the bar exam would be fine – or at least they would explain it in one breath if they could answer applicant phone calls at this time – they turn right and spend big bucks to deal with a disaster they anticipate It has rivaled the blasts of the facilities in terms of media protest. not encouraging.

For the California Supreme Court, this could be a good day to reconsider whether or not you are confident going forward with this test when the examinees themselves feel they need Olivia Pope on Speed ​​Dial.

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