Axios Story confirms that Trump attorneys really want to be able to return to polite society

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Axios fell Send a reward For “Off the Rails” to give readers a dirty inside view of the final days of Donald Trump’s White House. This time, we are dealing with a detailed account of the December 18 meeting between Trump and his overlapping and rival attorneys who were engaged in a heated debate about his strategy after the election that broke out from around 6 pm until midnight.

The showdown, featuring Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, former CEO of Patrick Byrne, Oman management Emily Newman on the one hand, former Kasowitz partner Eric Hirschman, White House advisor Pat Cipollone, staff secretary Derek Lyons, and campaign attorney Matt Morgan. The other, with Rudy Giuliani, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien all show up before it’s over.

Just look at this:

At one point, with Flynn screaming, Bern raised his hand to speak. He stopped and turned to face Hirschman. He said, “You surrender.” “You were interfering with everything. You were cutting us off.”

“Do you even know who I am, you idiot?” Hirschman is back.

Byrne said, “Yes, you are Patrick Cipollone.”

“Wrong! Wrong, idiot!”

To say that the article describes the US government’s slide into the circus is an insult to the Ringling Brothers. This story arose on the same day that we learned of Hal Holbrooke’s death, making one of his most influential dramatic quotes:

“The truth is, these are not very smart people.” Actually.

When Axios displays such a lewd piece, the world is surprised by the insanity and trying to determine exactly who presented the narration. Powell made a comment saying that she would not talk about anything that happened at the meeting, believing it was “confidential under executive privilege and under the legal profession,” despite not being Trump’s attorney. Trumpworld really struggles with excellenceis not it? Her silence was not surprising because she came across fellow travelers as lines of wild conspiracy theories criticizing everyone from Trump judges to the FBI as complicit in a communist plot to control the United States that required Trump to call a national emergency.

One Trump almost swallowed were it not for the valiant efforts of a handful of more than himself Grand Attorneys.

Therefore, unless the Oval Office is extremely insecure, the source or source of this story must have been a participant who participated in the hours-long meeting that spanned the two wings of the White House.

“How the hell did Sydney get into the building?” Senior White House Counselor Eric Hirschman grumbled about the Oval Office as Sidney Powell and her delegation toured the President’s visit ….

When Powell and the others entered the Oval Office that evening, Hirschman – a wealthy business manager and former partner at Kasowitz Benson & Torres who had been pulled from near retirement to advise Trump – quietly slid behind them.

Oh my God, I wonder who made this account! Sure, Hirschman may have a leaked unnamed servant standing at his elbow at every step of the case, but he sure reads like a heroic novel that comes directly from Biglau’s former attorney. Not that this makes the account untrusted. In fact, it can be quite accurate in all major respects. But when the story highlights Hirschman’s saying to a retired three-star general, “Why damn you keep standing and shouting at me? If you want to come here, come here. If not, sit down,” One has to smile that It was these very details that took on a distinct role in writing the meeting that lasted several hours.

Cipollone managed to appear as a starring actor as well:

Cipollone, standing on his ground amid a mishmash of intrigue, said they were completely wrong. He strongly defended the Department of Justice and the FBI, saying that they investigated every major fraud allegation that was reported.

“Stand on the floor.” Regular Sir Thomas More is here. Regardless of Cipollone’s status in the meeting as Trump asked John Bolton Digging dirt on the Democrats of Ukrainian officials. The rehabilitation project is underway and begins with “At least it did not agree to martial law!”

Now it’s Meadows’ turn, and he slams Flynn for smashing him and accuses him of giving up. “Don’t dare challenge me about whether I support the President and work hard,” Meadows shouted, reminding Flynn that he had defended him during his legal troubles.

This puts New light on video He snatches Junior Meadows – with Hirschman in the background – and specifically praises him as a “fighter.” I think this has become a sore point in recent days.

Axios does not cite its sources and who knows how many chefs were involved in this story. But this is a glowing appreciation for the patriotism of Hirschman, Cipollon and the rest of their comrades. Not only do they not agree with the plan, but they have time and time again all the quick replies and tough talk throughout the piece. Details matter when reverse engineering a story. Their allies may be just keen to build them up, but it sure feels like post-administration damage control from attorneys hoping to avoid being sidestepped by the balance of polite society.

Now it is up to the polite community to decide whether this eleventh hour of saints’ lives is sufficient.

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