A to Z cancels masks because we didn’t wear masks to stop AIDS, checkmate lib

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State Rep. Joseph Chablick told fellow state lawmakers in Phoenix yesterday that HIV “will wipe out our global destruction of human bodies due to AIDS” as he urged them to get rid of the state’s mandate for private company masks. “We heard about it in the 1980s. However, masks were not needed.”

It is technically correct. No one has proposed laws imposing face masks to prevent the spread of a blood-borne virus during the AIDS crisis. Good job, actor.

But we have strongly encouraged people to wear penis masks, AKA condoms, to prevent “the global destruction of human bodies due to AIDS”. And while the death toll from AIDS during the 1990s, when reliable statistics were available, was shockingly high, it peaked at 41,699 in 1995. So, other than the fact that the Corona virus is airborne and killed 518,000 Americans last year alone, is a perfect analogy!

The Arizona Daily Star reported last night about the controversy The Bell House 2770 Which reads, “Notwithstanding any other law, a corporation in this state is not required to impose on its premises a masked warrant determined by that state, city, town, county, or any other jurisdiction of that state.”

Since the former president’s refusal to adopt masks as a cheap public health measure has become entrenched in party politics, the debate has split along familiar lines.

“Nebraska has never had a mandate to use a mask,” Chablick said, adding that other states such as Mississippi (False) And Georgia (right) would be fine without them. “I think based on these arguments, these countries will have dead people piling up all over their state because no one else will live because no one is wearing masks.”

Leave Nebraska aside for now, as it is most populated 24 people Per square mile you might get less bang for the buck credits than Arizona has 63 people Per square mile, let alone the Phoenix, in an enormous amount 3349 people Per square mile.

Mississippi ranks Fifth in the country (Just ahead of Arizona) in per capita mortality, the only state in the top five located on the severely affected northeast coast. So maybe Rep. Chablick’s celebration of Magnolia’s low death rate could use fact-checking.

To which Republican Rep. Brett Roberts responded, “If they work, how do people still catch COVID?”

“Mask mandates are a biblical example of a government guaranteeing one of its primary purposes, which is to protect public health and safety,” said Democratic Representative Diego Rodriguez. Basically what it says is that [an] The individual business owner has the right to expose every member of his community to the risk of injury. “

But Republican David Cook, R-Globe, argued that the bill protected sacred individual rights.

He said, “It is driven by the issue of the free market and property rights, given your constitutional rights to realize your dreams in this country and in this state.”

If any of his colleagues are martyred Jacobson v. MassachusettsAnd the 197 United States 11 (1905) in which the Supreme Court affirmed that mask laws do not violate your “constitutional rights to fulfill your dreams”, star Not report it. The bill passed party-style, 28-31, and will now pass to the Republican-controlled Senate.

The band played.

ALERT TOP STORY The AIDS argument is used as votes in the Arizona House of Representatives to allow companies to ignore mask mandates [AZ Daily Star]

Elizabeth Day She lives in Baltimore where she writes about law and politics.

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