Oprah’s Having an Estate Sale!

Yes, you read that correctly. And no, Oprah’s not dead.

So why is Estate Dispatch running another celebrity headline? Well, as Huffington Post and a variety of other sources report, Oprah really is having a massive estate sale. And let’s face it, most people would rather catch up on Oprah gossip than read estate planning news.

Don’t worry. We haven’t actually given up on the thrill of writing about estate planning. In fact, we see this sale as an excellent opportunity to teach the uneducated masses that “estate” doesn’t always refer to a mansion in the country or possessions of the dead. This star-studded sale may be just the ticket to engaging your potential client network into thinking about their own planning and the orderly disposition of their worldly possessions.

If you’ve got celebrity arrows in your quiver, use them! Like it or not, celebrities can make our work sound more interesting and can help drive home the need for estate planning. After all, nobody wants to end up with a messy estate like James Gandolfini, or left wondering about the future of their digital assets like Bruce Willis. Heck, with all of the proceeds from Oprah’s sale going to her Academy for Girls in South Africa, you could even launch into a discussion about charitable giving. Whatever your angle, you’re welcome for the suggestion.